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Willow Springs Track Information

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Willow Springs features 7 different racing tracks as well as a pit and paddock area.

This variety makes Willow Springs International Motorsport Park an excellent place for drivers of all skill levels to enjoy themselves without feeling overwhelmed by the size or complexity!

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The main track at Willow Springs Raceway, informally called the “Big Willow”, consists of 9 turns. The layout is built for speed, but combines speed with turns and elevation changes to offer a unique challenge.

The Balcony Autocross Skid Pad measures 400 ft (120 m) by 350 ft (110 m) and a 60 ft (18 m) by 40 ft (12 m).

Horse Thief Mile is a 1-mile (1.6 km) road course with 11 turns featuring major elevation changes, tight turns and canyon-like surroundings.

The Willow Springs Kart Track is a .625-mile, 9-turn paved sprint track. For testing and tuning purposes.

The Streets of Willow Springs is a 1.8-mile road course with skid pad. For testing and tuning purposes.

Speedway Willow Springs is a 1/4 mile oval track with walls. For testing and tuning purposes.

The Walt James Stadium is a 3/8-mile high-banked dirt oval track with no walls. For testing and tuning purposes.

North from the Administration Office will take you to the Hot Pit area. General admission to the road courses at Willow Springs always includes access to the Pit Area, and spectators are welcome there.