General Information

Photo of a Willow Springs building.

When you visit Willow Springs International Raceway, “The fastest Road in the West”, remember that your interest in motor sports is what keeps our wheels turning, and it’s our sincere wish that you’ll enjoy the races and your visit here.

The staff at Willow Springs Motor sports Park does it’s best to provide visitors with a clean and safe environment. If you observe anything to the contrary, please report it to a race official or to the Administration Office at the main entrance.

We also try to maintain a wholesome atmosphere just like any other amusement park you might visit. Respect the right of other race fans. Reckless, abusive, or dangerous behavior will not be tolerated. Obey the requests of track and/or race officials.

After registering at the front gate, the first building on your right is the Administration Office. Track information and event schedules are available here. Deliveries, Lost and Found, Will-Call, Special Credentials and Passes are some of the things also handled at the Administration Office.

Pit Areas:

North from the Administration Office will take you to the Hot Pit area. The road leading in this direction is intended for Competitors, Vendors, Race Officials and Emergency Vehicles. Please keep this road clear.

If you drive any type of motor vehicle in the Pits, the absolute speed limit is 5 mph. In addition to watching out for pedestrians and street vehicles, you have to keep in mind that race vehicles may have limited visibility, so give them plenty of room.

General admission to the road courses at Willow Springs always includes access to the Pit Area, and spectators are welcome there. Because of the busy nature of the Pits, a degree of caution must be used to ensure that everyone in the Pit Area is as safe as possible:

  • The Yellow Wall separates the Paddock from the Hot Pit Lane. Do not cross over this wall without permission, and never sit or stand on it. 
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Pit Area at all times. 
  • An adult must always directly supervise small children, and pets must be kept on leashes & under physical supervision at all times. 
  • Most competitors are willing to talk or to sign autographs, but remember to respect their workspace and privacy. 
  • Use of bicycles, skates, scooters and other non-motorized vehicles is allowed. Proper safety equipment and common sense are required.

Please use common sense and courtesy. To help eliminate danger, the top speed limit on all access roads in 20 mph and is strictly enforced. Dirt bikes, quads and other off-road type vehicles are permitted, but must keep to maintained roads on the property. 

Speeding, off-road activity, spinning tires and other acts of this nature will be cause for anyone to be asked to leave the premises without a refund.

Paddock Areas:

Separating the West and East Paddocks are the old Willow Springs Offices. Classrooms, Timing & Scoring, and VIP areas are above these buildings.

Parking Information:

North from the administration office is the Hot Pit area. The road leading in this direction is intended for Competitors, Vendors, Race Officials and Emergency Vehicles. Please keep it clear.

There is usually ample paved parking space in the West Paddock (turn one Paddock), and we recommend parking in that area to enjoy the front straightaway bleachers (included in the general admission) and a short walk for an up-close look at all the excitement, including the Willow Springs Kart Track. Modern restrooms are located in both the West Paddock and the East Paddock (turn nine paddock). Tires, fuel, garages, racing services, race control, announcing, restaurant, gift shop and vendors are also located in the East Paddock.

We also recommend parking at the paved parking available at the Budweiser Balcony to enjoy one of the best views in motor racing (included in the general admission) for an up-close look at the twisty bits of the track, as well as a breath-taking panorama of the beautiful Antelope Valley and the surrounding mountains. Bleachers, Modern restrooms, restaurant, gift shop and vendors are also located at the Budweiser Balcony.