Willow Springs Kart Track

Map of Kart Track at Willow Springs

The Willow Springs Kart Track is a .625-mile, 9-turn paved sprint track.

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Rental Rates & Information:

Exclusive Rental Fees: $750 per Weekday and $1,000 per Weekend day.

Drivers: $35 per day (including Karting Membership Card).

Motorcycles on Kart Track:

  • As of July 22, 2020 motorcycles can only test Monday-Friday on the go kart track unless there is an exclusive rental or is stated otherwise.
  • If motorcycles want to be on the track on a weekend date they must rent exclusively, have proper insurance and have a bag EMT at the minimum.

Motorcycles That Can Be on Kart Track:

  • If you try and go on the track with anything larger than listed we will remove you from the track, and ask you to leave with no refunds. 
  • Crew and/or visitors: $10.00 per crew member Mon-Thurs. / $20.00 per crew member Fri-Sun. (any person over 8 years old).
  • Open Testing requires a current W.S.I.R. Membership
  • Reservations required. 50% confirmation deposit required. All deposits transferable, but not refundable.
  • Our cancellation policy for weekdays (Monday thru Thursday) is 30 days. Weekends, Fridays & holidays cancellation is 120 days’ notice. If policies are not met entire track rent is due.  
  • For testing and tuning purposes. Current W.S.I.R. membership for driver is acceptable.
  • For all other uses such as commercial filming, ride and drives or production car development, a $5 million Combined Single Limit Certificate of Insurance is REQUIRED listing Willow Springs Motorsports Park as additional insured’.